Therapy for men
Therapy is f*cking excellent, but some of the perceptions around it are not. So let’s get down to some myth-busting and get you, or someone in your life, some of that sweet therapy.

Think you know therapy? Think again.

Legend has it that men are much less likely than women to go to therapy. But legends don’t often end up being true. It’s time to move on and start believing that men can benefit from therapy too.

Maybe you know a man who could benefit from therapy. Or maybe you’re thinking about it for yourself. Either way, you’ve landed in the right place.

In this red-hot 5-part video series, we’ll answer all your burning questions about therapy: what it is, how it can change your life and most to get it.

So, kick back, jump in and find out why therapy is f*cking excellent.


What is therapy?

It’s not all “lie down on my couch and tell me about your mother”. We dive into what therapy really is and how to make sure you or a guy you know get all that sweet, sweet therapy nectar.


How to overcome any barriers

Hear from guys who hurdled their barriers and didn’t crack their knees in the process. And how you can too.


How to get therapy

From where to start your search to how to avoid potholes along the way. And the meaty one, how expensive is this whole hullabaloo?


What happens in a therapy session?

Does talking to a stranger about your shit sound like your worst nightmare? We explain what to expect and how to make each therapy session count.


First therapy session done and dusted. Now what?

We take the guess work out of what to do after the first session. And hear from real life heroes who gave therapy a shot and how their life changed for the better.


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The research behind the series

Developed with Dr Zac Seidler, this series aims to break down the stereotypes that men commonly have around therapy and reframe therapy as a preventative treatment rather than as a last resort. Zac is a clinical psychologist, researcher and leading men’s mental health expert.

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